Should We Have ‘Shooter Drills’ in Our Schools?
You don't think anything of it when your kids come home from school and tells you they had a fire drill at school.  You don't think twice anymore about an "emergency go-home" drill, or even a "lock-down" drill.  But as of late, schools around t…
All About Greenwich NY [VIDEOS]
We're in Greenwich, NY for the Small Town Tour and ahead of visiting the town I wanted to find out a little more about this great place. I found a bunch of videos on YouTube that do a great job showcasing some of the best things about Greenwich.
Small Town Tour Fall Leg Kicks off In Greenwich NY
The Sean and Richie Show is back on the road for the fall leg of the Small Town Tour and kicking off this time Greenwich Village Café and Bakery at 2 Washington Square. Small towns are a big part of why we are here - and we love visiting them all. Come and join us and have a great breakf…
July 4th Fireworks Displays in the Albany Area for 2012
The Albany area has a lot of places to watch fireworks for the 4th of July. If you’re wondering where you can go watch, look no more - we’ve complied a list for you. Nothing matches the enormous fireworks display at the Empire State Plaza but that doesn&CloseCurlyQuot…

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