I know you are getting inundated with tips, but there are a couple I hadn't seen before from  survivors of that other horrible storm, Katrina.  I thought I'd spread the word. 


This from Kathleen Koch at CNN.com who actually wrote a book about the trials and tribulations of Katrina victims called Rising From Katrina  Here are some tips.

• Bring in your outdoor solar lights.  They will have enough power to keep going inside!  (never thought of that!)

• The insurance companies are going to be very tough on who gets what, so if you are doing a video inventory, keep the drawers and closet dorrs open so you show them what's in there!

• Have a tire plug repair kit, including a pair of pliers.   Junk in the roadway can contain many nails and screws and you'll be screwed!

• Shut off the internet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS connections on your smart phones.  They eat battery life like crazy.

• Have thick tarps and roofing tacks in case you lose shingles from the wind. (which makes me think - I better get out of the station and get home.  I'm starting to get nervous.

Thanks for these tips, Kathleen, and be safe out there