Ok - call me old, but I found a great app.  Don't laugh- I've mentioned it before.  It's the Reader's Digest for the iPad.  It's awesome , and they had the top viewed YouTube videos on there.  This one got over 9 million hits. 

Speaking of old, this one involved senior citizens, and it's hysterical.  This cute couple are trying to figure out the inner workings of new technology (to be specific, the webcam).  No need to spoil it by explaining it up front. Take a look!

I love his comments the most, don't you?

By the way, it seems the stars were aligned this morning. I asked Levack, our producer what blog he was working on, and he said he had a video called "World's Most Embarrassing Grandparents".  After seeing it, I would say that he's right-they ARE!

Have fun with these, folks, and enjoy your day!