The Governor’s office released yesterday more information on the latest layoffs coming to state offices.  321 jobs are at risk this time around.  They are distributed across 19 agencies and commissions.  However, the Department of Environmental Conservation has the most jobs being placed on the chopping block.

The DEC will be hit with a total of 43 jobs getting eliminated.  This comes just one week after the first round of layoffs were sent out.  451 employees received their 20-day notices.  State workers affected by the most recent set of layoffs will be notified by Friday. 

Last week, the Department of Transportation received their layoffs.  Other departments that will see layoffs as well include:



Office of Children & Family Services: 32

Department of Economic Development: 4

Office of General Services: 28

Department of Health: 41

Higher Education Services Corporation: 11

Division of Homes and C0mmunity Renewal: 10

Division of Human Rights: 5

Office ofr People With Developmental Disabilities: 2

Department of Labor: 2

Office of the Medicaid Inspector General: 24

Office of Mental Health: 6

Department of Motor Vehicles: 30

Office of Parks, Rec. & Historical Preservation: 17

Commission of Quality Care: 1

Racing and Wagering Board: 1

Department of State: 7

Tax Department: 15

Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance: 42