We all joke about it: when we eat apple pie "it counts as a fruit, right?" Or when you drink a Bloody Mary on Sunday morning, "getting my veggies in!" And, there's been a debate for decades over whether ketchup counts as a vegetable - even in my own home!

And, while we can't prove that ketchup is a vegetable, (Sorry Madelyn!) we can help you justify that Bloody Mary to your spouse!

A British nutritionist says that a Bloody Mary counts as a vegetable!

Obviously, you're better off having the tomato juice without the booze in it . . . but you still get the benefits of eating a vegetable like the vitamins and crap!  So, in the words of the great Brantley Gilbert, "Bottoms Up!"

Photo by Jason Bahr/Getty Images for The St. Regis Aspen Resort