Sometimes you just need to escape.  You've been watching too much news.  You're worried about the economy, paying the rent, and all the rest.  You need a break.  You need Jedi Kittens!


Do I really need to explain anything here?  No.  You don't want to read anything I'm going to write anyway.  That would strain your brain.  You're just DYING to see them, aren't you!  I don't really blame you.  So do I.  So let's just watch it together, shall we?



Wasn't that an amazingly great way to spend 30 seconds of your life?   What's that you say?  You want MORE?  Heck, so do I.  I wish there was a sequel.   Wait!  What's this I see as I continue to scroll?  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

OK, I'm done.  Unless you have a dumber YouTube video you'd like to tell us about. Leave comments below, so I can find even more ways to avoid doing chores at home.