With the postponement of the Daytona 500 to Monday night, we have to wait a little longer to check out some great racing action and some great NASCAR themed ads. The Great American race is alot like the Super Bowl as new ads are debuted duing the race. He are just a few of my all time favorites.

1 Gillette Young Guns with John Cena

A commercial that combines two favorites, NASCAR and WWE. Who knew NASCAR guys could wrestle??

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Skipping CD--Budweiser

Hey, what can you say. Junior needs to hear his tunes!

3. Jimmie Johnson Getting Advice From Elliot Sadler--Nextel

Back when it was still the Nextel cup. I've Never been a fan of ol' Double J, but this ad always makes me laugh.

4. Gillette Young Guns--Getting an Advantage

Seems like your standard commercial until we find out who's car Matt Kenseth is messing with.

5. Making Fun Of Michael Waltrip--NAPA

A commercial that had to be made. Michael Waltrip is such a character, you can't help but make fun of him!

Hopefully, there are plenty of great commericals when they finally run the Daytona 500 tonight at 7pm, or if need be sometime Tuesday.