The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards were held last night.  They were presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The TV series, “Modern Family” picked up a total of 5 Emmy awards last night, including best comedy series.  “Mad Men” won the best drama series award.

But those weren't the big winners of the night, in my mind.  Of course, what girl wasn't checking out the red carpet and the dresses walking down the infamous walk to stardom.

Here are my five favorite dresses of the evening:

Padma Lakshmi, from "Top Chef," looked beautiful in this bronze-goldish gown.  It was a beautiful color on Lakshmi and the one-shoulder silhouette made it even more striking.  What a great dress, not everyone can pull off.

Sofia Vergara, from "Modern Family," was absolutely stunning in this red dress.  Not only did I love her dress, but I also loved Vergara's earrings.  What a different type of look.  Who would have though to pair these emerald green earrings with this red gown.  Great match that made the entire outfit stand out!  Gorgeous!

Heidi Klum could probably look great in just about anything, but what I love about her choice for last night's red carpet, is the fact that she went for a short/non-traditional length dress.  Of course being a supermodel, she easily has the height to pull off a long gown.  However her great legs and physique pulled off a huge success with this asymmetrical short gown.  What a sexy and unique dress!

Nina Dobrev, from the "Vampire Diaries," also went with a red gown with a very flowy, unusual hem line.  The hip-hugging silhouette acctenuated Dobrev in all the right places.  However, she has all the right places so it was hard for the dress to make her look bad and vice versa.  The red was a great color choice for Nina especially with her dark facial features and hair.  Stunning!

Watch out Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly, from "Charlie's Angels," rocked the red carpet last night.  What a classy, unusual dress.  The dark blue lacey dress was my personal favorite.  Minka looked so sophisticated and beautiful.  The lace sleeves were my personal favorite.  We see so many strapless dresses now a days as well as one-shoulder dresses, but long-sleeve pieces can sometimes look too much like a frock.  Kelly looked exquisite and is hopefully making Jeter very jealous!

Did I forget a dress that sticks out in your mind?  Or was one of the gowns I mentioned above your favorite?  I want to know if my picks were right on.