Don't start in with the sexism, now.  I know.. I said "guys", but let's face it - it probably WOULD be a guy who would sneakily (while his wife wasn't home) pace his prized Craftsman wrench in the dishwasher to get the grease off of it.  Talk about arguments?  I can hear them right now.  But according to, you shouldn't feel guilty.

There are actually a lot of items that they advocate putting in the dishwasher for men AND women.  Some you wouldn't think of.  According to, it's actually, for example, OK to put a hubcap in there.  Yes. !  Throw in some vinegar too along with detergent.  Works great (I've never tried it, but this is what I hear)

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How about your scuzzy old baseball cap?  YES.  Put it in a coffee can, they say, before putting it in the machine.  It will help to keep it's shape.

Ok  -this is super gross.  Your mouth guard!  I'm not sure I'd want that in the dishwasher mixed in with my coffee cups, but I guess you can do that too.

Disclaimer:  If what you put in the machine creates marital conflict and/or creates a situation where divorce is imminent, please do not blame me or CNET.  Your experiences may vary.

Here's the whole list once again