I think everyone has heard of this new kind of “illness” going around. It’s actually not new, nor is it a real illness.

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I always hear people say "never say never", but I’m going to. (You mean it's the name of a movie, too?) Besides having a pretty good immune system, I won’t need any medication for this: I will never have “Bieber Fever”. Oh my God, what are the symptoms? Can I take a regiment of aspirin and a lot of orange juice to prevent it? Heck, I’ve washed my hands so much; I think I can see the bones.

When I first heard about this “fever”, I went on line to find out what the symptoms were. Something about causing one to scream, hands may become jittery and may cause a mental temperature spike in teenage girls. This is because of a certain young individual by the name of Justin Bieber.

When I first saw his name appear in newspapers and magazines, I actually had to do some research about who Justin was, after all, I never heard of him. He’s just a good old fashioned teen idol. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. Teen idols have been around for a long time. Each generation had their own idols, and each generation to come will, too. Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, New Kids on The Block (my dauhter, Valerie's favorite)and Justin Timberlake were idols. Even Elvis and the Beatles were idol status, although I think they became a little more popular. And the list goes on and on. There are some female idols, like Taylor Swift, but usually boys don’t react about them the way the girls do with their idols.

I find it amusing that there are people who will say stuff like "I don’t know what they see in him" , or "I wish she would just go away".

Yes-they usually annoy most of us adults, and kids of the opposite sex of the idol, but there are a lot worse things that the kids could be worshiping besides an idol. And in most cases, they’re very popular for just so long, and then you may never hear about them again. Remember, they're only doing their job. I just hope those idols are putting some of their earnings away.

Not many country singers were teen idols. I think they just become stars, without being a teen idol, but that's not a bad thing.