A new gadget called the PiePal, designed by tech company iStrategyLabs, is a button programmed to order a pizza with just one push!

Right now the PiePal only orders Domino’s pizzas. Mainly because the pizza giant’s advanced online tracking system was easiest for developers to work with, but PiePal does not have any kind of special relationship with the company.  And that means, the possibilities are endless!

PiePal is not quite ready to go on the market, because even the slightest nudge will order you a pizza. But, they are developing a protection system for it, and they hope to have it in your kitchen in no time!

Click here to see the PiePal being used!

Click here to sign up to be a beta tester!

Photo: vimeo.com

If you could have an emergency button for anything, what would it be?