Playing Florida-Georgia Line's latest hit 'This Is How We Roll' with Luke Bryan on this Easter weekend got me thinking about the White House Easter Egg Roll, an annual tradition on the Monday after Easter - the only time that tourists are allowed to gather on the White House lawn. 

There are many other Easter egg related festivities especially one of my favorites, the Easter egg hunt. There's nothing like winning prizes just by grabbing eggs faster than anybody else. Another tradition is the annual effort to color eggs. The PAAS dye company launched its product to dye eggs in the 1880s in Newark, N.J and now sells more than 10 million kits annually. An egg designer I'm not - I'm lucky if I can get my magic crayon to work.

The most valuable Easter eggs are the jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs, crafted in the late 1800s and early 1900s as Easter gifts for the families of Russian czars. Only 42 of these imperial eggs are known to have survived. They are worth millions of dollars.

Of course many Easter eggs are not eggs at all - as in chickens - but may be the best of all because they're chocolate!