I definitely found this to be the case when I visited "DCS," short for Delaware Community School. They have some very talented writers and singers there. In fact, they wrote and recorded this in less than an hour!

I have worked with Miss. Riggins before, and she is an equally talented teacher. It made my visit all the more fun.  School pride seems to be a big part of the Delaware Community School and it showed in the kids' attitude. When I asked if they wanted to write a song telling everyone in our listening audience how great the school was, there wasn't one objection. Why would there be? The facility is beautiful!

The class listened to some sample beats from my keyboard and they definitely picked the right one for this song. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the "DCS RAP." Take it away, kids!

Thanks again for having me in, and thanks for participating in the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour. Which school will be next? If interested, send me an email at Richie@wgna.com