What a great time with such a diverse and fantastic group of kids (and counselors) in my very own stomping ground, Niskayuna.

Here's the tune - explanation below.

This was once huuuuuge collection of motivated kids in Niskayuna.  I've had the privilege of doing my Reading, Writing and Rhyming program before under the direction of Anthony Falaraco and Cindy Elliott.  It was a pleasure to experience a repeat performance!

The kids wrote their own music and came up with lyrics to describe for all of our loyal listeners exactly what they do there!

I timed it, and it turns out that they wrote and recorded this entire song in less than 45 minutes!  I even had time to spare, which is a very rare thing.  Props to the kids for being so creative - plus we even recorded the entire thing outside in a camp environment.  That makes the experience even more real!

Thanks again to all the counselors and kids for having me in!  And now - here's their custom written tune!