If you have not seen this yet, it really is pretty cool. A couple were trying out for "The Voice" together and at least for one of them it was a much bigger night than she had anticipated, not only did they get two judges to turn their chairs for them but she also got a wedding proposal right on national TV.

I don't know if he had a plan to do this the whole time but he did have a ring on him. It may have been one of those things where he thought, "If the moment presents itself, I am going for it." Well the moment did come and he wasted no time getting to one knee.

Their names are Jubal and Amanda and after Blake asked them if they were married Amanda said "not yet," seemingly not too happy about it and that is when Jubal said, "Alright," and pulled the ring out. In a matter of minutes Amanda had to make two pretty important decisions that would affect the rest of her life: whether to say "yes" to the proposal and which judge to choose to be their coach. I'll let you watch to see how it all turned out.