I try to be brief during my celeb spotlight every morning at 7:10, so when I skimmed the news today and realized just how much there was to report I decided to do an extended version online!  Here ya go -

KATY PERRY accidentally revealed her phone number, after she posted a video of her dog and its tag was visible.

The stepchildren of the woman who died in the BRUCE JENNER car accident back in February may sue him for WRONGFUL DEATH.

Netflix is on the verge of landing the "Full House" revival "Fuller House", which would focus onCandace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber, and feature guest appearances from John StamosBob Saget, and Dave Coulier.  But there's no official information yet.

KELLIE PICKLER and her husband will be starring in a conflict-free reality show that'll debut next fall on CMT.

Doctors for POPE FRANCIS have told him to lay off the pasta after he gained some weight.

The "Groundhog Day" Broadway musical is coming in 2017.

BIG ANG from the reality show "Mob Wives" reportedly has a tumor the size of a lemon in her throat.  There's no word yet if it's cancerous

The pay-per-view of the FLOYD MAYWEATHER / MANNY PACQUIAO fight is going to cost a record $90.  And it could actually be $100 if your cable company adds a $10 HD surcharge.


The University of Houston is paying Matthew McConaughey $135,000 to deliver a commencement address.  And if you do the math, that comes out to $45,000 per "alright."

JESSICA SIMPSON's brand has been purchased by a company that plans to turn it from a $1 billion company into a $3 billion company.  Still making fun of Jessica for being stupid?

Lil Wayne has put his Miami Beach mansion on the market for $18 million.  And so far, there's been Lil interest.

Disney is doing a live-action "Winnie the Pooh" movie.  So now we know why Jonah Hill has been getting chubby again.

Joan Rivers' estate is going to be auctioned off.  It includes dozens of paintings, hundreds of dresses, and at least three noses.

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