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Celebrity Spotlight – Extended Edition – Friday, April 3, 2015
I try to be brief during my celeb spotlight every morning at 7:10, so when I skimmed the news today and realized just how much there was to report I decided to do an extended version online!  Here ya go -
KATY PERRY accidentally revealed her phone number, after she posted a video of her dog…
Super 7 – Monday, January 12, 2015
1. A new survey by CareerBuilder found 16% of people are DETERMINED to find a new job this year. WHAT YEAR IS IT?
A - 2015

2. Men who are castrated live longer than men who keep all of their parts . . . by an average of about 14 years...
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Joan Rivers Dies at Age 81
Legendary comedian and talk show host Joan Rivers has left the world with a little less laughter today -- the feisty television mainstay known for her hilarious candor and dizzyingly quick wit has sadly passed away at the age of 81, following complications during a surgical procedure.
Joan Rivers Gets Waterboarded By Her Grandson
I've had my issues with Joan Rivers but I've never wanted to torture her. Well maybe a little but I wouldn't waterboard her like her grandson Cooper and his friends did on her new show "Joan Knows Best". I am a little bothered by the fact we are in a world where smal…