It's time to vote again for "Sean and Richie Need A Girl" contest. First, congrats to Brianna for winning the second voting round and advancing to an on air audition!


Now we have Ashley Vs. Heather. Once again, to be fair we are doing these in the order they came in but only one person will advance to the next round, so please vote and encourage your friends and family to vote as well.

Now this is important, you will only be allowed to vote once from your home or office, meaning if someone at your home or office IP address has already voted, you will not be able to vote again. This is the only fair way to make sure one of the contestants friends or family do not try to cast 7,000 votes.

Also, I will hide the results from public view so that if a girl doesn't get any votes or is blown away they will not have to be embarrassed by everyone knowing that.

With that said, lets watch the videos then vote for who you want to hear on the air on the Sean and Richie Show!