Company Offers Free Rides To Vote
Getting out and voting is not only a right, but it is important for you to be counted. With midterm elections right around the corner, a company is making it even easier to get to the polls.
Help Choose First Ever Capital Region Person Of The Year(VOTE)
We're looking for your suggestions for Capital Region Person of the Year. Whether it's a teacher, professor, coach, mentor, doctor, philanthropist, community leader, businessman or woman, first responder, mom, dad, or student we want to hear about them! Vote below and be listening to …
Local Kid is Helping His Mom with Cancer and He Could Use YOUR Help
This story hits home for me because I 'get it.'
I was in a similar situation as Natal; an only child dealing with a mother figure fighting the battle of her life. For me it was my Grandmother when I was 8 years-old. For Natal it is his Mother, Angelica, a single mom who has given all of her time to w…
Crayola Needs You To Pick The New Blue
I have a confession to make. Over the weekend while we were waiting for our lunch, Ryan wasn't interested in coloring the page they had given him. So I took the paper and the fresh box of eight crayons and colored my heart out. I forgot how therapeutic coloring really is. So when Crayola asks f…
Vote For April’s Baby’s Name
If you are like me, you have been consumed by April the Giraffe and how beautiful her baby calf is. Since the webcam has gone dark, we have been left in the dark as to how they are doing on a minute to minute basis. But it was announced today that the top 10 names are up for us to vote on.

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