Today I visited yet another elementary school in the area.  I wrote a song with them and then recorded 20 kids in another group doing the Pledge Of Allegience.  They were first graders.  They were so cute, funny and innocent.  Couldn't have had a better day.  Then I turned on CNN, and I'm sure they're going to see it too.

A tragic bombing at the scene of the Boston Marathon.  I'm not going to rehash the events here.  If you'd like the latest update, here's  We also have updates on our own website at

That's not the point of this article.  The point is - I am continually worried about the youth of this nation and how they are increasingly bombarded by all of these tragedies, one after another.  How long can we shelter them from the truth?  How do you even tell them about these things.

I found a psychologist on YouTube who seemed to have a pretty good strategy.  Even though he was referring to the Newtown incident, you could apply it to anything .  I personally think it's worth watching if you are having trouble explaining things to kids .

Unfortunately, we seem to have TOO much explaining to do lately.  This is horrific, and it's added to the list of horrifying events this year.

I ask you to think for a moment how it's affected your mood and attitude, and then try to imagine a child in the formative years having to process all of this ---I was going to use a bad word---.

We really need to concentrate on helping kids to remain giggling, skipping, happy children  despite all of the nasty destruction that we adults seem to inflict on this planet.

And in the meantime -let's pray for the victims.