What is going on with all these animal attacks? After incidents with an alligator in Florida and a mountain lion in Colorado, a scary situation arose yesterday right here in the Capital Region.

According to News 10, a bobcat was shot and killed after attacking two New Scotland residents yesterday. Scary! The article says bobcats are not uncommon in the area, but attacks are. News 10 says the residents heard the animal growling and hissing, when they investigated, it attacked. At that point the residents pinned the animal down and shot it.  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says bobcats usually keep to themselves and this type of attack is very unusual. They will be testing the animal to see if it had rabies.

It has been a crazy week with these animal attacks! First the alligator attack in Florida, then over the weekend we heard about the  mountain lion attack in Colorado where a mom was able to rescue her son. Fortunately these folks in New Scotland are okay, but still scary that an incident like this happened so close to home. Be careful out there as you enjoy the outdoors this summer!

Here is the News 10 story: