Every once in a while I get a request for a town that is a little MORE off the beaten path than others.  I don't mind that at all, don't get me wrong.  That's the whole point of Your Town Thursday. However, I want to test the waters before I go ahead and start writing

Google Earth

Ironically, the only thing I know about this town, Feura Bush, is that it brings back memories of a couple who used to frequent the piano bar that I played in years ago - Albany's 21 Club.

There was a really cool elderly couple that would sing, dance and imbibe all nite long.  They were Scottie and Stanley.  And Scottie was Scottish!  If anyone is either related to them or knew them , I would love to hear from you, because they were hysterical.

But again, that was 25 years ago.  Fast forward to here and now.  I know nothing else about the town.

So I'm basically asking straight out - is there any interest in me writing about it?  If so, I would need at least 5 different people sending me information about it to consider it a "go".   It can be funny stuff, trivia, historical, hysterical - doesn't matter, but I need info!

So please leave your comments below and I will check to see whether I have enough to make a song!   Thankss much!