This was a great group - and what I especially liked about it was the fact that this was a summer camp, and we actually wrote and recorded the song OUTSIDE in a little pavilion. 

Let me explain. Many of the summer camp programs run by school districts happen in regular classrooms in regular schools.  I don't mind visiting them either, don't get me wrong.  But there is something special about being out in the same environment that the kids are in.

This was a camp in my neck of the woods -Avon Crest, Niskayuna.  The director, Mrs. Congress is in charge of lots of kids and and they're multi age group to boot.  But she had lots of staff to help out.  In no time we created a short, catchy rap song to advertise all of the great activities they have there. Here it is...

Thanks for having me in, guys!  Please feel free to share with all the other happy campers in the Capital Region.