Dustin Lynch was just in town last weekend with Luke Bryan and some of you may have heard his latest single, "Seein' Red" for the first time that night but it is already causing a little bit of a stir with some Dustin Lynch fans on the internet. What is the big controversy? It seems some fans think it is a bit to "pop country" or "Taylor Swift" for their tastes and prefer the more traditional "Cowboys and Angels" Dustin.

Bethany and I got a chance to sit down and talk with Dustin when he was here and he talked about the song  "Seein Red". Dustin said, "I call the song a Unicorn, they're hard to come by, it's got a nice tempo to it and just a super catchy chorus that sill is really really sexy."  (You can watch that interview here)

I think he is right in his description. Dustin seems to really love the song and  fans on YouTube said things like "I love this song! Can he get any sexier?" and "It should be official video. Love this song. Great job Dustin."

However, some people negatively compared the song to Taylor Swift and said things like, "what is this dustin?? i thought you wanted to keep it country, hope this is not an indication of how your next album is going to sound!" and "This is RnB or pop with a country boy singing it. Country is a laughable genre."

I want to know what YOU think. Take a look and listen and tell me your feelings about the song.