I feel bad that I have not even had a chance to talk to you all about this yet but better late than ever.  Dustin Lynch stopped by to talk to us when we were broadcasting live last weekend at SPAC. As always Dustin was very down to earth and even up for a fun game of "Mind Reader."

First thing we talk about is his latest song, "Seein' Red," which you will be hearing more about and more of pretty soon. The song is kind of a "departure" for Dustin and different as can be from other hits of his like "Cowboys and Angels." He let's us know how the new album is coming along. (For more on the new single and to weigh in on how good or bad it is check out my article "Are Fans 'Seein" Red' Over Dustin Lynch's New Single?"

We also played a little game of "Mind Reader" as a tribute to his hit of the same name and surprisingly he does better than I thought he would, the guy could see right through me. Or maybe he was just seeing right past me and to Bethany. I don't know how she does it but this girl manages to get every male country artist to flirt with her.

Here is a video of that interview, enjoy.