I know that was a very long title. But there's a lot to talk about this week's Tech Talk. Don't miss the video of an eagle flying with the GoPro camera strapped to him, plus I will tell you about a great deal on a Samsung phone, and an app that finds kid-friendly apps! 

The videos created on YouTube are amazing – especially ones created by just common folk like you and I. This is absolutely amazing, however. I'm sure you all know what a GoPro video camera is.  You can strap this thing it to a helmet or a bumper of a car or skateboard or whatever you want and create some amazing videos. Well, someone got the brilliant idea of strapping it to a bird -an EAGLE no less.  The results are outstanding:

Isn't that fantastic?  What an amazing idea.  I don't think it hurt the bird any. Hey, if it fought extinction and won, it can withstand a camera on it's back!


 Tech Bargain of the Week    Get A Samsung Mini S3 for $1

According to CNET.com, there's a great deal right now on the Mini Galaxy S3 for you Android lovers.  It's got Android 4.2, 4G LTE, NFC, a nice 5 megapixel camera and more, and only $1 right now with a contract.  It's 1 year old technology, but heck, for $1, how can you possibly lose?   Here's a review from CNET as well.


                     You want apps that are kid friendly?  You have to check this app out.  This is an app for moms that finds apps!  It's called -WE WANT APPS!
   It is organized to find the right app based on age, language, price etc.  And the app is FREE!  This is great.  They do the screening for you.  Check them out on their website.
  Well that wraps up the apps and everything else. Thanks for reading this weeks TECH TALK.