Guys, isn't it time for the demise of the wallet?  Good riddance,  right?  Who can stand the thing"  It's never thin enough to fit in any pocket you have, and never has enough places for anything in it, no matter how many slits, slots and picture holders it has.  Take a look at mine, for example.

This is my wallet.  It's an accordian type that has places for up to 7 credit cards.  I have about 10 cards.  (Don't be impressed-there's only one actual credit card).  There's the "advantage card", Triple A card  the health care cards, the gift cards to Home Depot and Target etc.  Add some crumpled up dollar bills and receipts, and it feels like a block of cheese in your pants.


But alas!  Yet another use for the smartphone!  According to the  Wall Street Journal Online, Google has invented a wallet /smartphone that carries your coupons and cards digitally.  Paper money? Gone! Plastic?  A thing of the past.  And I'm sure that Apple is not far behind.

Here's a demonstration from Kim Komando (she's the digital goddess- I think I'm in love!)


Will you embrace a change like this?  Do you trust a phone to carry all of your information? Are you old school or new school?  Would love to know!  Leave your digital message below!