You're minding your own business like any other day. Except today, your car gets swallowed up by a giant hole like the world is coming to an end. Okay, sure the world isn't ending, but who's responsible for the car then?

Apparently the city of Albany doesn't believe it's them.

A month and a half ago a sink hole opened up off of South Lake Avenue and Steeve Pierre's SUV was the victim of it's wrath.

August 2nd, Pierre woke up to the incident and now a week out from October the only answers he has is that the city isn't going to pay a dime after receiving a letter Thursday stating that they were not negligent. So, what's he doing? Getting a lawyer, of course. Who wouldn't?!

As a medical student, Pierre has no source of income until he graduates which makes him unable to get a new vehicle on his own. He appreciates that the water department had allowed him a rental car for a few weeks, but now what?

See what Pierre has to say courtesy of WNYT: