Albany Medical College is a prestigious organization.  They are a cornerstone of our medical community.  They've won many awards, I'm sure.  I'm not sure they want to win this one though.


According to an article at the, the college was ranked by a California group called "Defense Of Animals" as having the "Most Ridiculous Research On Animals Of 2011".

I guess the college did some tests to see if rats like listening to Beethoven verses total silence.  They also experimented with giving them cocaine, according to the article, and found that they preferred jazz (Miles Davis in particular).

The college defended the study saying:

They wanted to learn whether music triggers cravings in drug addicted animals


Also, the rats were euthanized after they finished the study, but I guess that's probably normal.

Well, what's your thoughts?  Would you be upset paying good money for your kid's tuition only to find out that they are drugging rats?  Leave your comments below.