There is no such thing as a victimless crime, even if that crime is a misdemeanor charge of probe report.

We are all aware of the disappearance of Rachael Mattice, how scary it looked at the "crime scene" with her phone and purse still inside her car that ran unattended until it ran out of gas. The community rallied to help her friends and family who were worried and thinking the worst had happened to Rachael. After two weeks, she showed up at her family's home with a story of capture and abuse, only to have that story rebuked by authorities.

There are too many victims in this story.

The first I think of is Rachael herself. Yes, to some degree, while I don't see her as a true
"victim" I do see her as a troubled girl who got herself into troubled water so far above her head that at some point she may have seen this ruse as her only way out. I don't know all the details but I do wish her recovery and peace after she pays restitution in some fashion for what she did. I am not without sympathy for Rachael or her family.

Her friends and family and all of us who cared and prayed were also victims of this crime and I think most at some point would love to hear an apology, if not a full explanation.

The biggest victims of this crime, however, are the children, women and even men who may soon fall prey to actual foul play and wind up missing and need the public's help. No matter how you feel about Rachael Mattice you must never let the idea that you were "fooled" by someone stop you from caring again. Never.

That would indeed make true victims of us all now, and for far too long.