State police announced today they arrested the 24 year old for falsely reporting an incident.

News 10 is reporting that during a press conference today authorities announced her story was false; all the details of her disappearance were made up. Mattice was released and will appear in court in Mayfield August 9th. Police are saying that Mattice is sticking to her story.

According to authorities, they still do not know what she was doing during the time she was missing and the cost for the search for Rachael is well into '6 figures.' News 10 also says Rachael is currently being investigated for prescription drug theft at her job at the Hamilton County Public Nursing Service.

Mattice claimed she was abducted June 23, held against her will and repeatedly assaulted; according to the News 10 article police said 'electronic evidence and medical findings were not consistent with Rachael’s accounts.'