Where would you say is best place to live, work and play?  Upstate New York where is lush, green, and picturesque with clear skies and breathable air... or purgatory? (I try to be totally fair here as you can see).

Ok, that was cruel. But I did throw out this question on Facebook not too long ago and got bombarded with responses promoting upstate and dissing downstate.

It was all in response to an email I got from a friend criticizing me for living up here for so many years instead of returning back to Long Island where I originally hail from. This whole subject put me into action. I took pen to paper (well, fingers to keypad) and wrote a song hopefully defending our beautiful area.  I also added some shots I've taken over the years too (the rest courtesy of Getty Images and Google Earth.)

This was a labor of love, because I continue to think that upstate NY is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, so there!

If you agree with me here, please share it. If you disagree, share it and tell me why in the comment section!