Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter both play for the most popular franchise in sports, both have multi-million dollar contracts and both have Hollywood actress girlfriends.

They both have something else in common as they have been named two of the most overrated players in baseball according to a survey among 185 major league players by Sports Illustrated.

A-Rod Tops the list with 18 percent of the vote. Jeter came in third in the poll with 7 percent of the votes. Who came in second you ask? Believe it or not, another Yankee Player, Relief Pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

“I’ve been on this list before. I think it will be like that for the rest of my career,” A-Rod said in response to his designation as most overrated.

Jeter was more circumspect.  “I’ve got no comment on anonymous polls,” the shortstop told the New York Daily News.

I can understand the reason for A-Rod being on the top of this list, he has been hyped for years and only one time really came through in the post-season.  Joba could have been the next Mariano Rivera, but Yankee management had to mess with him to try and make him a starter, it messed with his head and hasn't been the same since. Jeter I totally disagree with. He has been Captain Clutch for years for the Bombers. He has broken so many Yankee records and has numerous championship rings. I don't know how anyone like that can be considered overrated.

So what do you think of this list? Do you agree with the results?