Who could it be? Tootie, Blair, Jo, Natalie maybe Mrs. Garrett?

IT'S Mrs. Garrett!!! Just Kidding, it's "Blair" 49 year old Lisa Whelchel.

Whelchel will join the cast of "Survivor: Philippines" the 25th season of the show and says it's not to revive her career she's just a super fan and was born to be on Survivor. She joins former Major League Baseball player Jeff Kent.

The rest of the cast will be 13 newbies and 3 former castaways who have been removed from their seasons for various medical reasons. There have been 10 castaways evacuated from the show. Rumor has it the three returning castaways are Russell Swan (Samoa), Mike Skupin (Australia Outback)  and Jonathan Penner (Fans vs Favorites).