So you’ve been with your current other half for awhile. You wake up and check your online stuff like email, and Facebook page, only to make this a rude awakening.

You have a notice that your other half has broken up with you. You may have heard of this new app for Facebook. It’s cleverly called “Facebook Breakup Notifier”. This is not just the basic “John Doe is single” status update. This is an actual posting to let everyone know that this person is available. A story from CNN states that “it lets users pick certain friends whose relationship status they'd like to monitor. If one of those relationships changes, the user gets notified by e-mail”. To me this seems a little creepy, not to mention a tacky way to break up with someone.

The way things are going, you could actually get into a relationship with someone, stay with them for awhile and then break up with them, all without even being with them at all. Then if you want to apologize, you can send them a picture of flowers with an email saying “I’m sorry”. Going out to dinner may be a little tricky.

I can hear it now: Jane Doe used to be my girlfriend, but we never even had an actual date. As a matter of fact, I never even met her in person.” Isn’t the dating scene fun?