A 16-year-old boy who was spending the night with some friends Saturday is now being called a hero, although he’s not really comfortable with that title.

David McNew/Getty Images

On Saturday morning, the building that Tylor Sherman (the 16-year-old) was in, was on fire. Sherman and his friends safely got out of the building. This was in the the Town Of Greenwich, about 50 miles north of the Albany area.

In a story from News Channel 13, when they all were outside, they realized that there was still someone inside the burning building. They kept calling his name, and he didn’t answer. Sherman finally did hear him say “help me,”and took action. Sherman broke the bedroom window, jumped into the burning building and got Gary O’Donell out of bed, and to safety.

People in the community are very proud of the actions of the 16-year-old.