Six year old Avery Moses saved his family in the middle of the night from a fire that ruined their home.

Avery smelled something he didn't like around 5 this morning and told his mom.  She didn't smell it, so, like most mom's, Avery's mom told him to go back to bed!

Avery wasn't satisfied with that answer, so he tried waking his dad too.  Finally, the family decided to investigate.

Avery's family lives on the first floor of the building, and the fire he was smelling was coming from the second floor.

The Albany Fire Department got there quickly, and everyone got out safe.  The cause of fire is under investigation.

The American Red Cross was on hand to provide shelter and other aid to six people who lived in the building, which was heavily damaged by fire, smoke and water.

Avery saved the day, and the lives of his family and friends in his building!  And he's only 6!  Way to go big guy!  Maybe a career as a firefighter is in your future!

Fire Truck (hlehnerer)

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