2 Year Old Boy Gets Snatched By Gator at Disney World Resort
The little boy's father tried to fight off an alligator that attacked his 2 year old son on the shores of a Walt Disney World Resort lake, but was unsuccessful.  Now authorities are searching for the boy, but it doesn't look good.
The unidentified boy was playing alongside the Seven Seas Lagoon at Di…
6 Year Old Hero Saves Family From Fire in Albany
Six year old Avery Moses saved his family in the middle of the night from a fire that ruined their home.
Avery smelled something he didn't like around 5 this morning and told his mom.  She didn't smell it, so, like most mom's, Avery's mom told him to go back to bed...
Police Need Help Searching for Missing Boy
Police are asking for anyone with information on the whereabouts of this boy to call 911 immediately.
A 9 year old boy is now missing from his home just north of Syracuse in Salina, New York.
According to reports, family members last saw Ronald Williams around 10 p...