Be honest, you thought everything that could be invented and sold on early morning television already has been, right?  Me too, until I saw these 4 new inventions fly across my computer screen.

I don't know how we've lived without them, but thankfully we don't have to anymore!

Here are the 4 inventions that will revolutionize 2015 -

1. The self-adjusting belt that SHAMES you into losing weight by tracking your expanding waistline.  It’s called Belty and it syncs wirelessly to an app to monitor wearer’s waistline and steps.  It also automatically loosens and tightens as wearer sits down and stands up by tracking tension on sensors fitted throughout the belt. It also warns wearers if they’ve been sat still for too long

2. A company in Japan is selling a new vacuum cleaner attachment that's great for people who live alone.  If you're choking, you stick it down your throat . . . and it SUCKS the food right out of you.  It sells online for about $22.

3. There's a new device coming out that tells you if you have BAD BREATH.  You breathe into it, it analyzes your breath for chemical compounds connected to bad breath, then sends the results to your phone.  It's being crowdfunded right now.  You can get one for $89, and it should ship around August.

4. There's a new product called the BELFIE STICK, which is like a selfie stick for photos of your BUTT.  It's bendable, and helps you get the right angle for pictures from behind.  You can preorder one at for $79.99, which is ridiculous.

Happy New Year!

Scott Olson/Getty Images