A 12-year-old boy was arrested on Tuesday, after Albany Police saw him running from a stolen car. This happened at the intersection of Central and North Lake Avenues.

This time, he allegedly had some other teens in the car. When Albany Police went to pull them over, they all jumped out and left the car in drive. The officer had to jump into the stolen car and stop it. Because of that, the officer couldn't chase any of the juveniles. The 12-year-old was spotted a little while later by a taxi driver, who notified police. They then arrested him.

When I saw the story in the Times Union, I also read about something that I remember about a blog I did back in February. It was about an 11-year-old that got caught driving a stolen car in East Greenbush. In that case, the owner of the car left the keys in a cup holder with the car doors unlocked.This is the same Pine Hills fifth grader.

The boy has a growing rap sheet, eerily similar to that of a career criminal's. Besides the two stolen cars, he also stole money from a Lark Street business. This is the third time the boy was arrested in four months. All of the boy’s cases will be taken to Family Court. I think it’s about time to charge this kid as an adult and send him to jail.