Sunday Evening, An East Greenbush Police officer was at the corner of Route 4 and Route 151, when he saw a stopped Mercury Marquis pull away, smoking its tires.

In a press release from the East Greenbush Police, Sgt. Earnest Tubbs saw the car do the rapid take off. When his police car pulled along side the Marquis with his lights and siren on, he called for back up, because he couldn’t see the drive. The driver apparently slid down the seat or was trying to somehow hide from the police. The car was stopped a after short distance. That’s when Sgt. Tubbs found a 5’ 4” tall 11-year-old driving the Marquis. He could barely see over the dashboard. The police took the boy from behind the wheel and was taken into custody.

After a further investigation, it was discovered that the Marquis had been stolen earlier that day from Albany, near Madison Avenue and Ontario Street. There was also other stolen property in the Marquis, from other cars that were in that area. Albany Police found the owners of the car and stolen property and returned them to the owners. There was no damage to any of the stolen property.

The boy was released to his mother and will be appearing in Family Court sometime soon. Of you were one of his parents, what would you do to him for stealing?