It's not everyday that you hear about a Zebra running free in Upstate New York.

According to the Times Union, there is an ongoing search for a zebra that broke free from it's owner Thursday in Catskill. The animal was startled by a falling branch at the Bailiwick Animal Park and Riding Stables in Catskill. The zebra's owner was going to board the animal there.

If you have some free time this week and want to make some extra cash, there is a $1,000 reward for the zebra. The zebra's owner, Richard Myer, says the animal is about the size of a pony and would graze like a horse does. Myer also said it is legal to privately own a zebra!

This story raises many questions for me. At what point do you think to yourself 'I would like to own a zebra.' And how do you acquire one? From a zoo? From overseas? It's not like you can just go an get a free zebra on a Sunday afternoon. This one takes effort!

If you are in the Catskill area and you see a zebra, you are not seeing things. More importantly, call the police if you spot it - you could score yourself $1000!



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