When it comes to people moving into or out of the state of New York, more are moving out every year.

I recently moved to New York, so based on a new study from United Van Lines, that puts me in the minority. And when it comes to the percentage of movers leaving the state, New York is among the tops in the nation. We finished at # 3 with 63% of all New York moves being outbound moves. But why are people leaving the Empire State?

When you dig into the numbers, it doesn't look all that bad. The breakdowns show a lot of people are leaving the state for retirement, while a lot of younger people are moving to New York, and a lot of people looking to get a salary bump are also moving here for new jobs.And you have to imagine many are moving to the Capital Region right now, based on our hot real estate and job markets.

So which state was number one on the list? New Jersey (No surprise here, right?and Illinois is number 2. Connecticut and Kansas landed at #4 and #5, respectively.

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