Lets face it, they sucked at moving but for the most part are kind of good security guards. We just need to work on this fear of Marissa.

Jordan and Jared have been great assets for us here at GNA even prior to their desk rolling days. They realized they needed to close the doors of Townsquare Moving Co. and open the doors for the GNA Security Co. For the most part they are pretty good when it comes to it. Maybe a little overbearing but then again, so is the secret service right?

It was a bit odd when I was in the bathroom to have them staring at me. That part I could have done without. At least they removed the explosive toilet paper though. The part where they suck is when Marissa comes into the fray. Marissa is such a sweet girl and had a simple request. I was genuinely busy and she was triggered. Jordan and Jared masked their fear of Marissa by fetching Matty a roast beef sandwich. Cowards, I fired them for that.

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