Work on the new Rexford Bridge, which began in 2015, has resumed and completion of the project is in sight.

According to Governor Cuomo's office, the new Rexford Bridge is on schedule to open this fall. Over 22,000 vehicles per day use the bridge, so the new 4 lane span will be a welcome sight for commuters. The entire project, which includes improvements to surrounding roadways, should be complete by the end of the year.

Now if you drive this route at all, you may have noticed all the large steel beams that have been sitting on trailers on the side of the road, awaiting installation. So it looks like the project will really start taking shape in the coming weeks.

I take this route into world from Clifton park everyday, because I can't stand the traffic on the Northway. Even on bad days when construction is slowing things down a bit, it is still the better route to take, plus there is a Dunkin Donuts right near the bridge. Win win. And I can only imagine the new bridge will help make the route even faster. Thank god for backroads!

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