Let me kick this off by saying I love pumpkin-flavored stuff. But I draw the line at pumpkin flavored meats.

I was shopping at Hannaford in Clifton Park tonight, one of my favorite supermarkets, and the time came to hit the deli to get some lunch meat for the week. As I perused the specials, this ham punched me in the face:

Credit: Matty Jeff
Credit: Matty Jeff

Listen, I love pumpkin as much as the next guy. I love my Dunkin's Pumpkin Coffee, I love pumpkin beer - especially Saranac Pumpkin and Shipyard Pumpkinhead. But I think I have found my limit: pumpkin-flavored meats.

I mean, I can see it is not a far jump from maple flavored ham to pumpkin. But I am out on pumpkin when it comes to meat. I want my ham to taste like ham. What is next, pumpkin fried chicken? A pumpkin glaze on my steak?

Maybe I am overreacting, but i love my meat and potatoes and this is crossing the line. Let's keep the pumpkin to the sweets and the drinks, and lets leave the meats alone. Unless I try this and it tastes great, than this blog never happened.

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