12 different astrological signs, which one best fits the Capital Region?

  • Aries

    Adventurous, outgoing, naive, athletic and aggressive and complex.

    Adventurous could apply to the many great hiking trails along with the skiing and Adirondack's as well. The same could apply for the athletic nature of Aries as well.

  • Taurus

    Cool, withdrawn, luxurious and sensual.

    Well, half of the year we are cool. Not in that way though. Luxurious could describe certain parts of the area but not the Capital Region as a whole.

  • Gemini

    Multi-talented, good with communication and full of fun.

    Seems like a fairly well versed sign. I'm not too sure other than the fun part being adventurous that this is our sign, as Bill Engvall would say.

  • Cancer

    Compassionate, emotional and romantic.

    Well the moody aspect of a cancer certainly could easily describe the Capital Region as some days you will love it and others you will question why you live here.

  • Leo

    Vibrant, stylish, loyal and proud.

    Plenty of hipsters in the Capital Region. They seem to know style right? Also we can be a bit vibrant yet many are not proud to call the area home.

  • Virgo

    Caring, ethical, self-sacrificing, creative and reliable.

    I'm not too sure any of these could describe us other than maybe ethical, maybe?

  • Libra

    Unsteady, harmony, unbiased and refined.

    Man I saw unsteady and thought, yup that is our home's zodiac. Then unbiased popped up.

  • Scorpio

    Resilient, dramatic, intense, faithful and unforgiving.

    We do indeed portray many of those.

  • Sagittarius

    Expressive, optimistic, spontaneous, idealist and full of wisdom.

    Yea this isn't the entire region. Maybe certain areas but we are not Sagittarius as a whole.

  • Capricorn

    Ambitious yet cautious, reliable, resilient and powerful.

  • Aquarius

    Trend setters, innovation, objective and socially aware.

    Maybe 50 years ago..

  • Pisces

    Erratic, alluring, understanding and receptive.

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