For many of us our morning routine was seriously messed up due to a power outage that took not only the greatest radio station every WGNA-FM off the air but also our sister station WTMM-FM. If you're like me your alarm clock is tuned to one of the two stations and you overslept. That was just the beginning of my fun.

So here's how my morning went, as I said I overslept by about 25 minutes. Which means I am not showered, I had to wait to get here for coffee and OH did I mention I had to get to the studio ASAP to see if there was anything I could do to get the stations back up and running. So with no shower or coffee I get here push the buttons I am allowed to and qualified to, find out it is beyond my power of deduction and call the engineer. Nice gentleman named Ryan was on the job. One problem Ryan was at least two hours away from the tower. So this means I am helpless to fix it and have to wait til the power/generator issues are resolved.

If you overslept because the station was off please refer your boss to this page as proof and we will be on-air for you as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience and THANK YOU for always being the best listeners ever!

On the plus side you can still listen online or download the Radio Pup app for your smart phone.


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