Father's Day is coming as you know.  We're all familiar with the normal gifts that would make dad go back on the couch and fall asleep (but this time out of boredom).  He needs something to make him laugh and say "Oh my God - that's perfect!"  I have a list right here:

1. A cap with lights under the brim - Hell, if you can't find the chainin the basement to pull that turns that one lightbulb on, just fire up your cap.  (Batteries not included)


2. A bacon wallet.  I kid you not.  (Actual bacon and bacon smell not included) .  This is available on Fun.com.

Screen Shot bacon wallet

And we're  not done with the bacon themed presents..

3.  How about bacon flavored COFFEE?  BLAHHHHHHHHH!.  (Note to Starbucks: Stick with what you have.  No need jump the gun on this one)

4. My personal favorite - the tent that looks like a VW van.  I guess you have to be my age to totally enjoy this, but they actually recreated a 1965 VW van.

5. Second favorite - a way to crank up your iPhone's sound quality for your next part.  Dorrie was mentioning this just last nite.  She wanted a music on our back deck. Here's a cheap OLD school way of doing it.  It looks like the old record players (like from Thomas Edison's day)   It's called the CHINON Legato Passive Speaker Doc. (a little pricy though)

Screen Shot Chinon
Chinon Legato speaker

There are many more fun gifts in an article I found at Huffington Post.com.  Come on folks - treat your weird dad to some weird gifts.  Normal is BORING.






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