The never-ending quest for the best pizza in New York is over according to one highly-regarded magazine.

As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as bad pizza. Well, maybe there is, but I will say I rarely find a slice that I will not devour. That said, there is such a thing as good, better, and best when it comes to the perfect pizza pie.

Finding those excellent slices has become a regular event for many, including Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports and his pizza reviews. He has been all over the state recently reviewing pizza

And now, Reader's Digest is getting into the pizza game as well by determining the best pizza in every US State.

Which Pizzeria Is the Best In New York?

Reader's Digest set out to answer this timeless question, not just for New York, but all 50 United States. The publication says they did "...detective work to find the best pizza in every state, using a combination of local knowledge, sales figures, rave reviews, and simply following our noses."

And New York State's Absolute Best Pizza Is...

Grimaldi's in Brooklyn is a local legend on Front Street under the Brooklyn Bridge, and according to Reader's Digest, has the best pizza in the state of New York! Here is what they had to say about this classic NYC pizza joint:

Does pizza even exist outside the Big Apple? A true Brooklynite would say “fuhgeddaboutit” and then swipe a pie from the counter at Grimaldi’s. A favorite of Frank Sinatra’s, their massive slices, cooked in a coal-fired oven, are best consumed like the locals, with the “fold and hold”—that’s where you fold it in half and eat while you walk.

Grimaldi's is not only beloved by locals, but if you follow their Instagram you will see star after star stopping in for their legendary pies including actors John Krasinski and Hugh Jackman, rock legend Rod Stewart, and so many others!

While we have great pizza all over the state of New York, it's no surprise this spot in the epicenter of pizza in NYC took home the state's top honor from Readers' Digest.

America's Most Popular Pizza Toppings

According to, these are the most popular pizza toppings in America. Here's the methodology, "The average monthly Google trends data was gathered for 15 of the most popular pizza toppings in America on a state-by-state basis. This allowed us to reveal the most popular toppings in each state."

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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